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So long SewerMermaid! [01 Jan 2004|04:26am]
I've had this journal for 3 years and I'm ready for a new one :) Here it is fishnet_mermaid I'll add ya'll when I wake up. Nighty night and Happy New Years!♥
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[12 Dec 2003|07:06pm]
Hmmm....Guess whos boyfriend's game is a top 10 finalist selected for the final round of the 2004 IGF (Independent Game Festival) Competition??? MINE!!!! AHAHAH. Yep Gish is iiiiiin. We go to IGF in March and we'll see what happens then :)

For my ♥ [10 Dec 2003|08:35am]

*Pictures* [03 Dec 2003|12:48am]
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Feelin special ♥ [02 Dec 2003|01:51am]

This is a painting Edmund did tonight of a picture taken of me on the santa cruz wharf two years ago, is he good or what :)

Brrr... [28 Nov 2003|09:27pm]
My poor lil Edmund will be home from work any minute. He wasn't feeling to hot today :( When he get's home he'll find a large order of hotn'sour soup,peanut m&ms,butter rum lifesavers, and one of those christmas hidden daily chocolate things waiting for him :) I also strung xmas lights over our desks and the window hehe! Last night I made our xmas tree. With limited time,space,crazy babies,etc. I decided a light brite tree would be the best. There was no pre-made design so it took me a bit to fit it right.It's complete with a yellow star topper, blue and purple "tinsle", yellow "stars", and white "snow" all around it :) I'll post a pic sometime this month I'm sure. Oh yeah, I cut Ed's hair Wednesday night and I have to say I did a REALLY good job! It looks totally blended and great. My secret? I just thought of the back and sides as a shitzu face!

Jerry curl ain't outa style! you is! [28 Nov 2003|03:42pm]

I finished these last Sunday. I love em :) I wore em all day yesterday, they're super light and comfortable.They look really cute in buns too!I ordered lots of hair last week, I'm hoping I'll get it tomorrow but not too sure. Here's my order: 3 bags of black,hot pink , neon violet,orange,light green,red,baby blue,white,yellow,purple,lavender,and 2 pre-madeblack tape curl falls. I want now!!!

The past week has been busy as usual. Work is great, I haven't taken any pictures since I literally have no time to while I'm there. Me and Ed beat Mario Kart :). We have plans every night to work on a project of some sort and but we always end up under the covers watching movies and well there isn't anything else I'd rather be doing so I haven't got much done :) I don't have to go back to work till Tuesday so I plan on doing some frames, hair, dread beads. At the moment I'm braiding the colored silky hair I have, thinking of a BIG multi colored fall!

Finally! my certified name change papers are in the mail so I will be able to order my birth certificate, which means I'll get my ID!! I should have it within 2 months I hope. Then I can finally have my own bank account, credit card, etc. I'm so happy :) I have my rent,full amount for the credit card bill, and $300 so far for Christmas. Haha and Ed thought I might not be able to manage my money! I don't really have much other news.....Thanksgiving was very uncomfortable....what a stupid holiday....We watched "The Meaning of Life" last night. First time I've watched any Monty Python, I've always been a little weary, but I thought it was fucking hilarious especially the first bit since organized religion is a total crock of shit and as of late I have been totally disgusted with it. It's nothing new but it has just been rubbed in our face over the past month and it makes me sick. Ed's Dad and well it was mostly his step mom tried to convert us when we went over for dinner the other night. I could go on and on about it but I'll cut it short here, because the more I think about how ridiculous and sickening the whole damn thing is the more my brain feels like it's turning into mush.Blah!

Hope everyone's doing well♥

Skinny black fall [20 Nov 2003|11:53pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Yep...So I have 5 rainbow colors which I can't make good dreads out of because they're silky, so I'm ordering pretty colors soon. I'm too lazy to do it tonight :) I'll make braids,curls, big floofy dreads er something with the silky hair. Above is the plain black fall I did tonight. the dreads are really good, super tight! I just need to seal the bottoms, I need to make matching ones for both and add more to each, think I'll do the black one first. We got the space ghost volume 1 and aqua teen hunger force season 1 dvds, buy them! More Mario Kart with Ed for now. Night night.

By MEEEEEE!! [18 Nov 2003|10:48pm]

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[10 Nov 2003|11:59pm]
[ mood | awake ]

First off! My mom's surgery went very very smoothly, we visited her 2 days out of the 3 she was there. On the second day she took a little walk with us down the halls. I was very suprised/relieved/happy! She's recovering at my grandma's now. I wish she was home but I'm sure she's much more relaxed there. Thanks for all your good thoughts♥

Blarg! Work has been crazy, it's pretty much just me and P everyday. Hiring a bather has not been a success. Soooo many people came it to fill out apps. and hand in resumes. Old men with degrees even?!!? Boy do I feel lucky to have a job. We've done 3 working interviews and the first two decided they couldn't handle it and the other girl was a fucking weirdooo, my god! It's so hard to find someone who does a good job aaaand has a tolerable personality. I think it will just be the two of us for the holidays, which is fine with me. I have to start wearing gloves ALL the time, my skin is too sensitive.

When I went and stocked up on picture frames I discovered some blank plastic headbands. I've painted 3 large ones so far, all for me:) and then I have 2 small ones, dunno what I'll do with them. Anywho they are really comfortable and durable, believe me I wore one to work 3 days in a row! Ed saw a a storm pez dispenser with my hair so he brought it home for me to paint :) and I did a pretty good job too! Definitely looks like me.

We've pretty much been watching lots of movies and playing games, this is time of year all the good games are released :) We started playing co-op lord of the rings last night, its fun hack n'slash but we'll beat it in another night I'm sure, and then we're gonna network our comps and play Diablo2 together for some reason I think that might be put off again since Mario Kart double dash is coming out in less than a week!!!

We were gonna go get my lip re-pierced today but I decided I'd rather wait till Christmas when I have a lot of time off and it'll give me more time to figure out if I positively want it again. I was supposed to go to the doc for my back but I reeaaally didn't feel like sitting in a dark office waiting on my day off so I'm gonna call and see if he can just refer me to a chiropractor or something......finally got my damn hair cut today, my bangs have been needing a chop for a couple months!! I got a 1/4 of an inch trim too, and the girl put my hair in a French braid! Yay my hair is long :) I got my very first dread fall in the mail on Saturday. It's so pretty!!! Ed was not to into the whole thing when I was ordering it and he persuaded me to only get one in case I didn't like it. Well, it's fucking awesome and very well done and he was like damnit you NEED TWO!!! haha he's so cute :) I don't think I'll get one identical to it though, mostly because I'm lazy and don't want to type out exactly which kind are in it. So I'll just order a different PAIR! soon :) These pics are before I got my haircut first thing Sunday morning when I rolled outa bed. I love it, love it, love it! I haven't got a chance to wear it out but I'm anxious to see people oOOoo and aaa :) haha. Oh yeah in the pics that's the first headband I painted and I'll post the other 2 once I finish this last one.

Welp I cant think of anything else I might have had to say. All is well with us and the beasts and I hope everyone else is doing well too♥

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