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Just a long loose black and blue silky fall I got at the beauty supply and strung together, I'll post a color pic sometime.

Well, I am pretty impressed with myself. This was my first shot at dreads:) Big HUGE thanks to Quinnster's great tutorial, Evangelia,and my handy dandy steamer(the only one i could find all throughout the county?!!?!,it's a sorta big europro ultra steam shark, $85 but I know it will pay for itself. I'm gonna get started on a matching fall and then do something with the multi colors I bought.Oh yes! I have to thank Ed too,for talking me into trying to make my own, he backcombs really well too! hehe ♥

havent updated in awhile, been having too much fun with Ed and making stuff...He just brought home Mario Kart double dash so you knows I gots ta go! see ya.

PS. I check what you guys are upto every morning before work, take care and to a couple of you *hugs* and try not to stress out too much :) mwwa xoxoxox
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