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Jerry curl ain't outa style! you is!

I finished these last Sunday. I love em :) I wore em all day yesterday, they're super light and comfortable.They look really cute in buns too!I ordered lots of hair last week, I'm hoping I'll get it tomorrow but not too sure. Here's my order: 3 bags of black,hot pink , neon violet,orange,light green,red,baby blue,white,yellow,purple,lavender,and 2 pre-madeblack tape curl falls. I want now!!!

The past week has been busy as usual. Work is great, I haven't taken any pictures since I literally have no time to while I'm there. Me and Ed beat Mario Kart :). We have plans every night to work on a project of some sort and but we always end up under the covers watching movies and well there isn't anything else I'd rather be doing so I haven't got much done :) I don't have to go back to work till Tuesday so I plan on doing some frames, hair, dread beads. At the moment I'm braiding the colored silky hair I have, thinking of a BIG multi colored fall!

Finally! my certified name change papers are in the mail so I will be able to order my birth certificate, which means I'll get my ID!! I should have it within 2 months I hope. Then I can finally have my own bank account, credit card, etc. I'm so happy :) I have my rent,full amount for the credit card bill, and $300 so far for Christmas. Haha and Ed thought I might not be able to manage my money! I don't really have much other news.....Thanksgiving was very uncomfortable....what a stupid holiday....We watched "The Meaning of Life" last night. First time I've watched any Monty Python, I've always been a little weary, but I thought it was fucking hilarious especially the first bit since organized religion is a total crock of shit and as of late I have been totally disgusted with it. It's nothing new but it has just been rubbed in our face over the past month and it makes me sick. Ed's Dad and well it was mostly his step mom tried to convert us when we went over for dinner the other night. I could go on and on about it but I'll cut it short here, because the more I think about how ridiculous and sickening the whole damn thing is the more my brain feels like it's turning into mush.Blah!

Hope everyone's doing well♥
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