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My poor lil Edmund will be home from work any minute. He wasn't feeling to hot today :( When he get's home he'll find a large order of hotn'sour soup,peanut m&ms,butter rum lifesavers, and one of those christmas hidden daily chocolate things waiting for him :) I also strung xmas lights over our desks and the window hehe! Last night I made our xmas tree. With limited time,space,crazy babies,etc. I decided a light brite tree would be the best. There was no pre-made design so it took me a bit to fit it right.It's complete with a yellow star topper, blue and purple "tinsle", yellow "stars", and white "snow" all around it :) I'll post a pic sometime this month I'm sure. Oh yeah, I cut Ed's hair Wednesday night and I have to say I did a REALLY good job! It looks totally blended and great. My secret? I just thought of the back and sides as a shitzu face!
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