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Here are some braids I did with the un-dreadable silky hair I have. I like them a lot.

I wore them over my big pink/green/black fall and used them to tie loosely around it to keep it out of my face.

Hair came on yesterday, made me a very happy girl :)

First thing I made with my new hair last night. I need to add to it and there's a possibility I will make a matching one. I just have too many fun color ideas to work on one for too long.

I put it on over a plain black fall since it's so little :)

I wore my tape cure falls out tonight. They're very fun but definitely need to be added too. I'm thinking rexlace, ribbon,etc.

I got bored during my vacation and yoinked my Blythe outa the attic. I never liked the way she looked and had been planning on modifying her in someway but a couple a months ago I only got as far as removing her glossy finish with nail polish remover

TA DA! It's zombie blythe! I like her sooo much better like this! I even cut her some bangs melted em down and painted them :) The rest of her hair is in two big buns,now she just need her own set of mini falls *in progress*

Last but not least, Daisy's new cage. It's about 4 1/2 ft. tall. She is a very happy girl :)

So yeah, I'm disabling comments on my posts now. I don't have time to respond usually and then I feel guilty and ummm I get annoyed at complete strangers asking me for codes I don't have and how to post pictures. So if you really want to comment on something just e-mail me :) My partner in crime is making our sim(for the Cube) house, so I betta go. Nightnight.
Love you guys♥

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